How eLearning can help you avoid cookie cutter training

Kerrie-Anne Chinn, Content & Editorial Manager

When it comes to learning, everyone is unique, responding to different types of teaching methods and absorbing information at different speeds. Some people find visual aids help the learning process, while others learn faster when carrying out practical tasks or exercises.

Whether it’s in the classroom or work environment, one thing is clear – taking a cookie cutter approach to learning isn't the best way to educate students or staff. Unfortunately, many companies still deliver training in a one-size-fits-all model, neglecting to tailor teaching methods to cater for individual learning styles.


So how can you find the best training method for your employees, to help them learn in the best possible way for them? The answer is eLearning.

eLearning responds to different learning styles

With ongoing advancements in technology, we now have the tools to deliver more customized and flexible learning options to staff. As a response to this, many organizations are switching to eLearning for staff training, as an alternative to traditional teaching methods.

Online learning can very successfully respond to the needs of individual employees and organizations, allowing staff to choose how and when they want to learn, at a time and place that’s convenient to them.

When you take a cookie cutter approach to training, you’re assuming that all employees will respond in a positive way to a particular learning environment. But this isn’t the case. While certainly, many people participate easily in a formal, classroom type setting, others may not be able to retain knowledge so well in these circumstances.

Employees who are more introverted, for example, might learn better on their own, without the social distractions and pressures of a group dynamic. Extroverts may thrive in a workshop setting, bouncing energy and ideas off other people and learning in the process.

Find out what learning approach works best

The best thing to do is develop a training system that offers staff choices in how they want to learn. With online learning, individuals can interact in group discussions as much or as little as they like, giving them the option to work in a way that fits them best.

Finding the right learning approach for your employees will greatly help them become more engaged with the content and improve knowledge retention. Knowledge retention is a vital component of successful learning and development. With this in mind, eLearning courses aim to be short, engaging and goal-oriented – a learning method that’s been proven to be effective many times over.

As well as differences in personality and learning style, you also need to consider the amount of training your employees have already received. Some staff may have already completed formal education or qualifications, while others may be brand new to your company and the industry. eLearning allows you to customize training options for each individual, delivering the information and knowledge they need quickly and effectively.

Using eLearning for better employee training

Interested to find out more about online learning to deliver training to your staff?

In a previous article, we looked at the many benefits of using eLearning for staff training, with online courses bringing a number of advantages to your employees and business. To recap, eLearning delivers:

  • Flexible training options
  • Cost-effective training solutions
  • Better knowledge retention for learners
  • Content you can customize for your specific audience
  • Consistency across training materials, even when updating

As you can see, this offers staff a form of training that is far more flexible and convenient, and that works with their busy schedules, not against it. With many modern workers operating remotely or across different time zones, training materials that are available 24/7 provide employers with a very effective solution for accessible training at any time. Online courses are also readily accessible through mobile-friendly apps and devices, making eLearning even more convenient for your staff.

A good investment for your employees and your business

Making sure staff have the right tools and systems for training will go a long way in making your employees happier and more satisfied in their jobs. It also makes sense for employers – with learning and development taking up a significant part of the budget for most organizations, it’s important for employers to see a positive return on their investment.

By investing in eLearning, you’ll be showing staff that you’re putting their needs first, while allowing them to take charge of their own learning and professional development. If you’re interested in finding out more about eLearning and effective training solutions, visit the Go1 website and see how online learning can work for your staff.


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