How to attract the best talent for your business

John Sherman


At present, millennials account for roughly 36 percent of the workforce in the U.S. However, within the next 4 years, that will jump to about 46 percent. The fact is that compared to other generations, different things motivate millennials. Although this generation works hard, they feel motivated by more than just money. That is not to say that millennials do not appreciate a nice paycheck, but to perform at an optimum level, they require more.

For business owners, this creates a tricky challenge. Unlike earlier generations that companies could sway with signing bonuses, a lucrative salary, and other financial perks, the majority of today’s workers, especially millennials, want more. That means that companies have to find alternative ways to entice the best talent to work for them and not for a competitor.

Key Motivators

  • Growth Opportunities – Working the same job year after year is not satisfying for today’s workers. Instead, the most talented workers look for companies with incredible growth opportunities. In addition to training options provided in-house, take advantage of e-learning. With courses that cover thousands of different topics, you have the perfect tool at your disposal to help your employees advance. Ultimately, the more they learn, the more motivated they become. Up-skilling your staff is not only beneficial for them but also for the company as a whole.
  • Advancement Options – While the best talent wants to grow with a company, employees also seek confirmation about their advancement options. A recently published report showed that 42 percent of women and 58 percent of men feel they have no opportunity to grow with their current employer. As part of the recruiting and interviewing process, make sure that you inform candidates that your company has a definite path of progression, which includes online training.
  • Employee Recognition – Everyone, regardless of role or level, appreciates receiving kudos. By developing a reputation as a business that acknowledges high-performing employees, more skilled workers will want to join. For your management team to identify top performers and to show appreciation, a top source of online training has a tremendous volume of courses available. At the same time, you can use e-learning as a way of recognizing your employees. Remember, most millennials feel motivated by things other than money. They enjoy learning so use that to your advantage.
  • Responsibilities – While you want your staff to have a clear understanding of their work responsibilities, you also want them to have flexibility in performing various tasks. In other words, for your business to run seamlessly, it is essential for everyone to know their place. However, you should also give your staff license to do their jobs differently from how you would, as long as the outcome meets your standards or falls in line with company policy. Giving your staff creative flexibility will help them feel more empowered while also accountable for their actions, both things that the best talent wants from a job.
  • Positive Work Environment – Talented people want to work for a company where employees work cohesively and respectfully. No one, whether a millennial or not, likes discord in the workplace. What you can do to ensure a positive work environment is to have your leadership team complete online training courses that focus on topics like employee morale, improved communication, conflict resolution, efficient work strategies, and so on. Those and others will go a long way in making your business attractive to people with unrivaled skill.

From Invisible to Invincible – Career Advancement Success

Keep Your Top Talent

While there are multiple courses on this topic, two worth mentioning are “Managing Talent” and “Smart Management – Hiring the Right Talent.” For the latter, you can choose a specific subtopic like sales, customer service, marketing, and more.

Go Big or Go Home

If you want a successful company, you need a strong team. Instead of hiring just anyone to fill a position, use online training to identify ways of attracting highly skilled individuals. You can also use e-learning to enhance the skills of new and current employees. Either way, Go1 is the leading source of online education and training. Take advantage of the various topics by completing a quick and easy registration process.

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