Ready for early access: 1-Player, the new Go1 Content Player

Introducing the 1-Player
Erin O'Connor

🚀 Announcing the 1-Player

We are excited to announce the early access launch of Go1’s new content player!


We've reimagined your learning experience on the Go1 platform, with the aptly named 1-Player. This feature enables you to undertake learning across all courses and standalone resources in 1 standardised interface.

The New content player will support the following learning resources:  

  • SCORM / Video / Document / Weblink / Text / LTI / Quiz / Assignment. 
  • For Events, users will be redirected to the standard event interface, and Integrations will be supported in a future update.

Why release a new content player?

In its new form, the content player resolves the limitations users sometimes experienced when accessing learning, whilst also introducing a new and more streamlined content player. 

Exciting features of the 1-Player:

No more automatic enrolment into items!

  • Open resources via the player and view summaries of each item before confirming enrolment! 🎉🎉


Navigate between course items easily

  • The overview panel on the right side makes it easy to see the contents of a course from within the player.
  • Users can navigate between different items in the course without having to leave the interface!

See clear indications of your completion status

  • In addition to the status being show in the top right corner, a special screen will also show for each item that has been successfully completed.


An overall simple and consistent experience

  • Go1 users can check the status of each learning item, as well as complete items more easily and clearly with buttons always being in the same location.
  • When exiting the 1-Player(using the X in the top left corner), users will be taken back to where they opened the learning item from. This also applies to customers accessing Go1 content in an external LMS. 



This is an exciting upgrade to the platform, so we are making it available through early access to Go1 portals that want to trial it now. We’d love to hear about your experience using the player, to ensure we gather feedback and guarantee the quality of the feature. We’d love to hear about your experience using 1-Player to ensure that it is a quality feature and meets all users’ expectations as much as possible. Please note that currently the 1-Player works best in desktop mode but we would love users to also give feedback on the mobile experience as well.

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Learn More

Find out more: Early access: Play learning resources via the content player here.

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