Add free courses to your Go1 portal, download certifications, plus more with our December update

Chris Hood

Accessing some of the best learning content from across the world is one of the defining features of GO1, and with our December update we’ve made it even easier to add free courses from our course marketplace directly to your own Go1 Portal. This means that your learners can access thousands more learning items instantly for free.

Administrators can add free Marketplace content to their Go1 Portals

To make it quicker and easier to add new content to your learning portal, Administrators in Go1 can now add marketplace content directly to their portal. This includes free courses existing in the Go1 Marketplace.

View and download certifications from your learning

You can now download your learning records and certificate within your Go1 portal so that you can share your completion records with others. To learn more about how to complete this process, view the full instructions here.

Awards now display in My Teaching tab

You can now view your Awards, as well as course and learning resources in the My Teaching tab of your portal. You can also filter by content type to narrow down your search.

Other updates and improvements include:

  • Awards will now be included in Enrollments section under Administrator dashboard
  • Web learning items now support HTTP

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If you have any questions about any of the updates and improvements listed above, please let us know and our Customer Success Team can help you out!

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