How to achieve better work-life balance

John Sherman

Did you know that having a bad work-life balance is one of the number one reasons why people quit their jobs?

There’s no doubt that the working world is a more fast-paced environment these days. There’s simply a much bigger focus placed on “overnight” success and achieving milestones quickly and more frequently.


Whether that’s businesses coming out with new products or simply growing their customer reach, everyone wants things done now.

Of course, this means that employees often face bigger workloads and naturally a lot of people don’t switch off and get enough ‘me time’ when they leave the office as a result.

There’s more to life than just working. Now, we know you want your employees to work hard, but hear us out on this one. When your employees don’t have a good work-life balance, it can be detrimental to your business. Then everyone suffers.

Having a work-life balance is crucial for maintaining good mental and physical health. Let’s face it, work gets stressful a lot of the time, which means that employees can feel under pressure and overworked during the week.

There’s big workloads and difficult interactions with customers that can weigh you down. This gets worse if employees don’t know how to cope with this level of stress and this constant pressure can increase the risk of suffering from stress-related diseases, as well as mental issues like depression.

Nobody wants to be the cause of employee unhappiness or for their jobs to have an effect on their health.

In addition, when you work this hard constantly with no time for rest and reward, you can reach a burnout. This is a fatigue that you can’t shake and mean performance at work dips.

Not only does this have a negative effect on the person suffering it, but it also has a negative impact on the work they’re doing. It can affect your motivation to get things done, your ability to do your job properly and also bring down your overall productivity.

Your employees might spend long hours in the office even after it closes, but this doesn’t mean they’re getting more things done. This affects the whole team and it’s important you find a way for employees to feel in control.

Not having a good work-life balance can also make employees feel resentful towards you as an employer and unsatisfied with their workplace. This is what leads new and experienced employees to seek a new place to work. This is the last thing that you want!

But, there’s something you can do to prevent all of these things from happening and affecting your business. As an employer, you’ve got to encourage healthy habits and good work-life balance.

Sure, you can make little adjustments around the office, such as team meetings, regular breaks and making sure everyone leaves on time at the end of the day.

But, one of the best ways to encourage your employees to have a good work-life balance is to provide them with the resources they need to learn about how they can do this themselves.

You can do this simply with a good online e-learning course from Go1 Premium. Here you’ve got access to thousands of amazing courses that will allow employees to improve their skills and learn how they can have a better work-life balance.

Once they’re finished, there won’t be any groans on Monday morning when they’re back at their desks – instead there will be that proactive attitude that says they’re ready to get started

Having time to get outdoors, enjoy some rest and spend time with friends and family will let employees have some downtime that will mean they’re refreshed and clear-headed, ready to work hard and enjoy their job again. That’s what every employer wants, right?

Plus, there’s lots of skills you can learn in your daily life that your employees can bring back to the office. Downtime allows employees to gain life experience and knowledge from other people around them. This gives them another dimension to bring to the table at work.

So, it’s important to motivate and teach your employees to work hard, but also to play hard too. Let’s introduce you to our favorite work-life balance course from Go1 Premium that you need for your office.

Work-Life Balance for The Team Course

This Go1 Premium course is suitable for your whole team and it’s going to help employees learn more about enjoying a healthy work-life balance and how it can be achieved.

In addition, the content educates your employees on how having this balance is important individually for their health and happiness, as well as for the productivity and progression of the whole team.

With the help of this course, employees can get back on a track to success and find ways of managing any stress they encounter through downtime. This is a way to make sure employees want to stay at your business for the long haul.

Of course, some people start off on the right path and are motivated to change their ways. It’s like new year resolutions – everyone starts off well, but by the end of January, they are burnt out.

So, from the beginning, you’ve got to get employees on board with the course and teach them, so that not only do they want to have a work-life balance, but so they maintain a work-life balance moving forward.

A good work-life balance is becoming increasingly more important in today’s business world. Through this Go1 Premium course, you can make sure that employees learn how they can enjoy a successful working life, without sacrificing the things that they love.

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