A moment for educators May 2024 edition

A moment for educators: Reducing the cognitive load in learning

This month, we'll focus on reducing the cognitive load in learning, including a free downloadable on cognitive load theory, along with our monthly featured blog, playlist, and content providers.
Emma Benns, Content Manager

The latest content drop

Rosemary Ruthven

Rosemary’s history in education spans over four decades, where she excels in literacy development for students from preschool to year six and offers professional development globally. Her NESA Accredited course, Structured Literacy on EC Premium, delivers six hours of essential training for primary teachers, delving into neuroscience and providing practical strategies for cultivating foundational literacy skills with depth and precision.

Quaglia Institute

The Quaglia Institute champions global impact by fostering inclusive learning environments where everyone's voice and aspirations thrive. Their course, Student Voice, equips educators with tools to amplify student voice, enhancing learning and well-being, and fostering a culture of collaboration and continuous improvement.

By embracing a shared definition of voice, Student Voice empowers educators to cultivate an environment where every student's contribution is valued, driving equity, excellence, and collective success. Through partnerships with teachers, students are motivated to articulate and achieve their goals, sparking discussions that harness the power of student voice within school communities.

The University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne introduces two new courses on EC Premium!

Smart Breathing, developed by the Bio-Dash Team at the Faculty of Education, explores mind-body connections to enhance student well-being, focusing on techniques like belly breathing and box breathing to promote relaxation and focus.

Life Crafting empowers educators to shape their lives for greater well-being and fulfillment, guiding them in mastering techniques for a purpose-driven existence aligned with personal values.

Maths Play - The Learning Playpit

Maths Play pioneers mathematical wellbeing for diverse communities through safe spaces for playful learning and exploration. Their latest offering, "Four Sevens," a seven-part podcast series on EC Premium, delves into playful approaches to learning maths, with the first three episodes now available.

Bonus downloadable!

Learning tips ot reduce cognitive load in learning

Dive into the basics of Cognitive Load Theory with our downloadable document: Reduce cognitive load in learning!

Featured playlist

Our Featured Playlists are included in all schools’ Learning Hubs and are a great way to see a variety of high-quality content from different providers, all with just one click!

Introducing the captivating world of cognitive learning strategies, where the science of learning intertwines with evidence-informed practice to ignite the flames of deep learning within educators and students alike.

Embark on a transformative journey that unveils the power of harnessing the mind's innate potential. Discover cutting-edge techniques and methodologies designed to enhance higher-order thinking, critical thinking, problem-solving, and information retention.

From metacognition to mnemonic devices, this thoughtfully curated playlist empowers teachers to cultivate agile minds and foster a love for lifelong learning. Embrace the significance of cognitive learning strategies and unlock the gateway to enriched educational experiences. 

Featured blog post

Welcome to a transformative journey through the corridors of education, where each month, our blog becomes the compass guiding educators to new horizons, innovative strategies, and the latest insights in the ever-evolving landscape of teaching and learning.

This month, we are unlocking growth and collaboration for your school through a study of reflective practice in teaching. Reflective practice empowers educators to refine their teaching, personalise instruction, and cultivate lifelong learning in the ever-evolving realm of education.

Setting you up for success as Partners in Learning

At EC by Go1, we're excited to partner with your school to strategically enhance your approach to professional learning. As Partners in Learning, we take a collaborative approach that doesn’t just see professional learning as a process but as a culture tailored to every educator’s needs. We work with your team to find opportunities to understand the current reality of your professional learning approach, foster your strengths, and seek opportunities for improvement by harnessing tools like EC Premium to ensure a personalised learning experience that supports the learning and growth of all staff in your school.

We work alongside your team to create clear and tangible plans and actions aligned with your school’s strategic goals, focused on maximising time and resources by providing practical support. Our team, with hands-on in-school experience, ensures EC Premium isn’t just a subscription but a tailored solution with personalised learning hubs, support, workshops, and bespoke courses to set you up for success. We’ll work with you to ensure this isn’t a one-size-fits-all plan but a roadmap to enhancing differentiated learning modes, targeted learning, actionable strategies, and measurement tracking for sustained growth throughout the year.


Reach out to the EC team to work alongside you and level up your staff's learning culture. Contact our friendly team at [email protected].

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