A moment for educators, June 2024

A moment for educators: Evaluate your teaching effectively

This month features courses on regenerative education, whole-school literacy, effective behavioral interventions, and more. Learn about the synergy of formal and informal learning and discover how EC by Go1 can tailor professional learning to your school's needs.
Emma Benns, Content Manager

The latest content drop

Little Earthies

Little Earthies Environmental Education supports people in implementing ecologically sustainable practices and principles in school, home, and community life, aiming to empower individuals and groups to positively impact the environment at the local level. Regenerative Education for a Sustained Future is a new course inspired by global regenerative education practitioners. It explores how principles of regenerative education and biomimicry can guide teaching and learning. The course will equip K-12 teachers with the knowledge and skills to incorporate regenerative practices into their teaching, fostering a deeper connection with the natural world, and promoting sustainable education.

Kirstin Bourne

Kirstin Bourne works with schools, teachers, and systems to enhance educational outcomes by addressing challenges in curriculum engagement, teaching methodology, and data-driven improvement practices. Her course, An Introduction to Whole School Literacy, helps secondary educators tackle literacy challenges by providing strategies to support students in understanding and engaging with the specific literacies of different subjects. This course supports K-12 teachers with practical tools to improve students' fluency in subject-specific languages, enhance their reading and writing skills, and ultimately foster better academic engagement and performance.

Sound Supports

Sound Supports provides schools and families with the necessary resources to ensure all students experience success, focusing on systems, data, practices, and outcomes to support staff and students alike. With two new courses on EC Premium, K-12 teachers will be equipped K-12 with practical tools and strategies to create supportive and effective learning environments, improve student behaviour, and foster long-term self-regulation and academic success.

Structured Feedback teaches K-12 teachers how to integrate structured feedback within the MTSS framework to enhance student behaviour at tiers two and three.

Competing Behaviour Pathway focuses on developing effective behavioural interventions using the Competing Behaviour Pathway tool for students with significant behavioural needs.

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Download our free infographic and Make Classroom Decisions that have Impact!

Download our free infographic and Make Classroom Decisions that have Impact!

Featured playlist

Our Featured Playlists are included in all schools’ Learning Hubs and are a great way to see a variety of high-quality content from different providers, all with just one click!

Elevate your teaching practice in 2024 with our curated playlist, The Expert Educator. It's essential for teachers to be well-rounded, balancing knowledge, skills, and personal qualities. Why not explore new teaching techniques and theories that can enhance your classroom effectiveness? 

This playlist offers a diverse range of topics to inspire and inform, including strategies to assist with student anxiety, global citizenship, project-based learning, formative assessment, and student leadership. Dive in and discover new insights and methods to enrich your professional development and support your students' success.

Featured blog post

This month, discover why both formal and informal learning are vital for K-12 teachers and school educators. Explore how structured workshops, conferences, and certifications provide foundational knowledge, while peer collaboration, online communities, and self-directed learning offer flexibility and continuous growth. Learn how integrating these learning approaches fosters lifelong learning, bridges theory and practice, and enhances reflective practice. Uncover practical steps to maximise professional development, ensuring a dynamic, holistic approach to teaching. Embrace the synergy of formal and informal learning to elevate your educational practice and better support your students..

Setting you up for success as Partners in Learning

At EC by Go1, we're excited to partner with your school to strategically enhance your approach to professional learning. As Partners in Learning, we take a collaborative approach that doesn’t just see professional learning as a process but as a culture tailored to every educator’s needs. We work with your team to find opportunities to understand the current reality of your professional learning approach, foster your strengths, and seek opportunities for improvement by harnessing tools like EC Premium to ensure a personalised learning experience that supports the learning and growth of all staff in your school.


We work alongside your team to create clear and tangible plans and actions aligned with your school’s strategic goals, focused on maximising time and resources by providing practical support. Our team, with hands-on in-school experience, ensures EC Premium isn’t just a subscription but a tailored solution with personalised learning hubs, support, workshops, and bespoke courses to set you up for success. We’ll work with you to ensure this isn’t a one-size-fits-all plan but a roadmap to enhancing differentiated learning modes, targeted learning, actionable strategies, and measurement tracking for sustained growth throughout the year.


Reach out to the EC team to work alongside you and level up your staff's learning culture. Contact our team at [email protected].

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