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5 websites to brighten your day

We all deserve to find a little more brightness and joy in our workdays, and life in general. We’ve been searching the internet and have found some absolute gems to help bring some sunshine into your day when the world seems a bit too much.
Courtney Norton, Content Writer

We’ve all had those days where everything seems like a bit too much and we’re sick of carrying what seems like the weight of the world on our shoulders. With all that’s been going on across the globe recently, those moments feel more and more frequent.  

In fact, a study from the Health and Safety Executive in the UK found that during 2020/21, stress, anxiety and depression accounted for 50% of all work-related cases of ill health.   

That statistic is far too high, and we all deserve to find a little more brightness and joy in our workdays, and life in general. We’ve been searching the internet and have found some absolute gems to help bring some sunshine into your day when the world seems a bit too much.

Check them out! 


From international conflicts to natural disasters, all amongst a global pandemic, it feels like our news is just one ‘once in a lifetime’ event after another.  

Upworthy is a complete breath of newsworthy fresh air. From heart-warming tales of random acts of kindness to adorable service animals, Upworthy has something to brighten up everyone’s day.  

Start scrolling down the page and before you know it, you’ll find yourself falling down the rabbit hole of positivity. 

Astronomy picture of the day 

Whether you’ve spent nights staring up at the stars wondering what could be out there or perhaps love a good outer space documentary, NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day offers some fascinating insight into the universe outside of our atmosphere. Every day since June 16 1995, NASA have shared a different image of our universe and included a brief explanation below from a real astronomer.  

Find out what were NASA thinking about on the day your kids were born, your first day at a new job, or during a significant global event.

On those particularly stressful days when the world seems too much, maybe taking a look outside of our world is just what we all need? Let us know if you spot any aliens! 


You’d be hard pressed to find someone out there that hasn’t had a smile put on their face by a completely adorable baby animal - and ZooBorns is the perfect place to get your fix.

A live giraffe birth, twin Emperor Tamarins playing on their mum’s back, and a red panda cub livestream are just some of the amazing glimpses into the world of nature that you can find on ZooBorns.  

If there’s a particular baby animal that you’re curious about updates on, you can sort by animal type as well as by the zoo that they’re from. 

Like the NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day site, ZooBorns has an educational element, giving users the opportunity to learn about their favourite animals. Did you know that a baby North American River Otter is called a kit? 


Many of us will have fond memories of checking the TV guide to see when our favourite show was on. Or of spending Saturday mornings in front of the TV watching the latest cartoons. 

Providing an opportunity to escape to a time where you didn’t have to worry about work or paying the bills, My90sTv.com features all kinds of content from sports, music, drama and even your favourite commercials. You’ll get those catchy jingles stuck in your head again, just like old times!  

If the 90s isn’t really your style, never fear, my90stv.com also has TV options for the 60s, 70s, 80s and 2000s as well.  

Grab your favourite after-school snack, sit back, relax and immerse yourself in the nostalgia. 

Games for Change 

Many of us want to be a part of positive social change in this world but either aren’t sure how to start or think that what we do on an individual level may not make much difference. Games for Change offers a solution to both hesitations - and it’s fun!  

Founded in 2004, Games For Change is a not-for-profit organisation that promotes and provides support for independent game creators to create social change through their games and immersive media. 

From a story-based game that teaches coping mechanisms for dealing with grief, to a game where 10 grains of rice are donated for every trivia question you get correct and much more, Games For Change has something for everyone. And the best bit? All the games are completely free to play. Now that’s something to get happy about! 

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