5 reasons you should be using this free sexual harassment eLearning course

John Sherman

Sexual harassment in the workplace is a very real issue and employers are expected to take it very seriously. Even if an employer is not directly complicit with an instance of sexual harassment within their company, they could still be held accountable. Employers must be seen to be educating employees on sexual harassment to help prevent instances from happening, they must also be seen to be taking necessary action should cases occur.

One of the difficulties of dealing with sexual harassment is that it can often be very subtle, meaning that even those with the best of intentions can miss it is even occurring at all. Others might even be complicit in some cases without being aware of it. Sexual harassment could be inherent in your workforce yet still go unnoticed if those in certain positions don't have the required training.

In an effort to tackle instances of sexual harassment in the workplace, it is now law in all states that adequate training on the matter must be provided to all employees. Tackling sexual harassment is not only about complying with the law, of course, as there are other benefits to be had from training your staff.

Go1.com offers a free training course on sexual harassment in the workplace, and here are 5 very good reasons why your business should enroll.

Make Your Employees Better Informed.

Many sexual harassment issues are very nuanced, meaning that a lot of people are not likely to recognize they are even happening at all. This course will help to educate your staff on more discreet aspects of sexual harassment, as well as the obvious, so that issues can be dealt with when they arise or, even better, prevented from occurring in the first place.

Just providing training can help to create an environment that is not tolerant to sexual harassment. This helps to create a fair environment where all employees feel free to try and progress which is positive not only for them but also for your business.

Improve Morale in the Workplace.

"A happy workforce is a productive workforce". It might sound cliché, but it is true, and the most successful businesses often take steps to ensure that their employees are as happy as possible. High employee morale can be key in taking your business to the next level, and sexual harassment can undermine morale significantly if not addressed.

Remember that sexual harassment affects not only the target but also those around them. If a woman is one the receiving end of sexual harassment and nothing is being done about the situation then it is understandable that other women in the vicinity are also likely to feel very uncomfortable. Not only women will be affected of course as male associates of a victim are also likely to be unhappy that a colleague is being victimized.

In enrolling to our course, you will be educating those in key positions to recognize cases of sexual harassment and on how to deal with it if it arises. In hopefully eliminating sexual harassment from your workplace, your morale will remain high and your productivity along with it.

Save Money.

Training courses can be very expensive, yet also mandatory by law. According to Forbes, over $70 Billion was spend on corporate training in the US in 2014. By enrolling in our free sexual harassment courses, you can meet legal requirements in having your workforce trained while potentially saving thousands of dollars at the same time. In addition to saving on the cost of paying for training courses, our free course can also help to improve productivity overall to help your bottom line, as well as helping to avoid potentially high legal costs and fines in the future.

More Effective Learning.

Training staff on sexual harassment is not only about complying with the law, more importantly, it is a genuine attempt at tackling issues of sexual discrimination. Even though some courses can be very expensive, they are not always effective at teaching meaning your staff can come away from the course having gained little of lasting value.

Not only will our course potentially save you a lot of money, it will also be more effective at helping your staff to retain the information within. Quizzes are located throughout the course to test what the students have learned so far, while also helping the course material to register, ensuring it has a lasting impact further into the future.

More effective training not only represents better value for your time and money, it also helps to ensure that instances of sexual harassment are less likely to occur in the coming months and years.

Avoid Legal Problems.

Even if your business is not directly responsible for cases of sexual harassment in your workforce that does not automatically exonerate you from responsibility. Employers are expected to educate their workforce on the recognition and prevention of sexual harassment and if found guilty of not taking steps to provide necessary education, you could get a big fine coming your way.

Legal action can also lead to a damaged reputation, potentially causing you to miss out on talented new recruits in the future as well as causing your current workforce to lose confidence in you. Our free course on sexual harassment is free to enroll to, yet it can help to save you so many potentially costly situations in the future.

There are no excuses for not having your staff properly trained in sexual harassment, and none are likely to be accepted should you find yourself in court. Not only can training help to protect your business from the actions of errant individuals, it can also help you to create a happy and productive working environment for all.

Our course is free to sign up to and can potentially prevent many problems, while also bringing many positives. There is nothing to lose by signing up but you could end up regretting it of you don't.

Enroll in our free Sexual Harassment Training elearning Course here

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