5 Qualities of a World Class Leader

John Sherman

When someone says “leadership” whom do you picture that epitomizes that trait? Is it someone like Steve Jobs with his laser-like sense of focus and clear vision of the future? Or is it someone like Martin Luther King Jr. who understood how to motivate and unify people, while at the same time acting as a moral compass for those around him?

The truth is that leadership comes in many forms. Some leaders are more compassionate and inspirational, while others have a “stiff upper lip” and lead by example. However, what works as strong leadership in a college football setting might not go over as well during a religious ceremony (and vice versa).

World Class Leadership Trait #1:

A Commitment To Excellence

World Class Leadership Trait #2 


World Class Leadership Trait #3 

Emotional Intelligence

  1. Self Awareness

  2. Self Regulation

  3. Motivation

  4. Empathy

  5. Social Skills

Self Awareness

Self Regulation



Social Skills

World Class Leadership Trait #4


World Class Leadership Trait #5


How can you embrace these concepts of leadership in your day today?

If you’re in customer service, how can you motivate someone in your department to make a more human connection with their customers?

If you’re a sales manager, how can you get your team to share your vision for how you’ll hit your sales figures in the next quarter?

If you are looking to learn more about leadership, here are two great courses that you might find interesting:


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