The 5 key advantages of online training

John Sherman

Online courses provide endless learning possibilities. If you own a business and want to become a better leader, online training is the perfect solution. E-learning is also advantageous for managers who strive to become more efficient and effective in their roles, as well as employees interested in adopting new skills or honing existing ones to enhance advancement opportunities.


  1. Participation – In today’s world of gamification, online courses make it easier for managers to get their teams excited about online training. Even though the best courses take little time to complete, they come packed with valuable information provided by industry experts. When your managers explain to their teams that they can improve on skills yet have plenty of personal time, most will jump at the chance to participate.
  2. Communication – The most respected managers possess excellent communication skills. They know how to relay expectations and give directions in a way that produces positive results. For anyone on your leadership team struggling in this area, you can choose from many different courses that focus specifically on improving communication.
  3. Cost Savings – Even with a set budget, your managers will have no problem completing multiple courses. Especially compared to traditional learning, online training is a far more cost-effective option.
  4. Compliance – For staying compliant with different regulations and laws, it is essential for your managers to know what they are and how to adhere to them. When researching different training courses, you will come across many that specifically address your compliance needs. As a result, your management team avoids making costly mistakes.
  5. Time Management – Everyone benefits from time-management courses, especially managers. Overseeing the work of multiple employees and performing a variety of tasks, your leadership team needs all the help they can get. Thankfully, there are incredible courses that provide a wealth of information on how to better manage time.


  1. Flexibility – Like your managers, your support team values its personal time. Because online learning is so flexible, your employees can easily finish courses during their off time. Something else to consider, since so many of the courses take 30 minutes or less to complete while being affordably priced, you could use them as an incentive, allowing employees to complete them during working hours.
  2. Topics – Whether interested in improving on customer service skills, dealing with conflict, learning computer skills, or something entirely different, your employees will appreciate the fact that they have so many fantastic options to learn.
  3. Morale – Employees want to feel respected and appreciated. An excellent way to accomplish that is by investing in them. Having your team complete courses online shows that you care, which in turn, boosts morale.
  4. Advancement – While some of your employees might be perfectly fine working in the same position year-after-year, most want to advance at some point. E-learning will help prepare them to move up within the organization.
  5. Pride – You want your employees to feel proud of the jobs they do. Giving them the chance to improve on skills or learn new things will make them more efficient. The better they perform on the job, the prouder they become. Ultimately, that equates to optimal performance, happier customers, more sales, and higher generated revenue.

Course Examples

Time management is another big area for managers. As stated, many of them have a hard time attending traditional classes, but with online courses, they can learn new things but without investing a lot of time. These courses teach people to work smarter. In addition to becoming better focused and more efficient, your managers will experience less stress at work.

Customer service is another popular topic, with courses available for managers and employees alike. After all, the reason for having a business is to provide customers with superior products or services. The goal is to ensure the customer’s 100 percent satisfaction. To accomplish that, your entire team, including managers, must know how to recognize and resolve conflict. They also need to learn how to surpass the customer’s expectations. Online training covers all this and more.

There are even e-learning courses designed to help improve relationships between managers and employees. Building a successful team comes down to respect, trust, and empowerment. Instead of having internal conflict, you can arrange for certain managers and employees to complete the same courses.

As you can see, there are numerous reasons why online training makes perfect sense for your business. The right courses allow everyone to enjoy serving the customers and growing the company.

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