3 eLearning examples to inspire you in 2018

Kirstie Greany

Get some inspiration in your tank with a taster of our favourite digital learning projects from this year. From curation to caring, these three elearning examples all strike at the heart of their users and their behaviours - delivering fantastically immersive experiences as well as practical, personalised toolkits - they help shape what we mean by elearning today.

1. Emotional elearning - immersive learning that makes you care

Emotions and elearning aren’t often thought of together. Yet emotional engagement is necessary for the brain to learn. Here’s an example of immersive storytelling that gets it just right.

“A Support Net” from the Open University

Developed in collaboration with Elucidat and Tilt, the Open University’s A Support Net is an immersive branching scenario experience that gives users a chance to influence f a character’s mental health. The decisions they make impact positively or negatively on the character’s wellbeing, building to a final, personalised summary of how they handled the situation. The poignantly scripted and fantastically produced, raw, videos pull the audience in from the off and make the whole experience tangibly real.

Explore 'A Support Net'

Why we like it:

  • Brilliant storytelling and realistic, down to earth video production
  • Users learn through consequences of their own actions, and through reflection, not ‘telling’
  • Brings in social polling to show the choices made by others
  • Personalised final summary profiles the style of support the user gave, and shows different possible outcomes

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2 - Scenarios that don’t break the bank - audio-based sales training

Branching scenarios and simulations are popular in elearning because they get users learning by doing. Or, more accurately, learning by failing, and building confidence alongside competence. But they don’t always have to involve video or dramatic scripts. This audio-driven scenario shows how Sales training simulations can be achieved without snaffling all your budget. See if you can spot a qualified lead.

Explore Sales Scenario

Why we like it

  • Do it yourself style audio clips simulate real customer phone calls without expense
  • Accumulative scoring tracks progress along the way
  • Final summary compares users’ response with peers and an expert - without ‘telling’ for adult style learning
  • Simple, clean look and feel can easily be switched into other brands

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3. Taking a toolkit approach - learning as ‘signposting’

Most organisations have a load of tools and tips that would help their employees. The trouble is finding the right ones, at the right time, for the right problem or need.

Elucidat’s Elearning Project Toolkit aims to help digital learning producers find their way to better quality or smarter run projects. By asking a few questions, it signposts the relevant tips, tools and downloads that will be of help to them. It’s a great example of curated elearning.

Explore 5Cs toolkit

Why we like it:

  • Helps signpost users to relevant tips, tools and resources without trying to replicate or re-create that content as ‘elearning’
  • Uses smart questions to branch users down the relevant path
  • Gives users options to explore further should they wish - they can see demo projects or explore all the resources and guides available to them
  • Short and sweet, yet very helpful!

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Kirstie is an experienced learning design and performance enhancement specialist at Elucidat. She has a passion for bringing about high impact, emotionally engaging digital and blended experiences that make an actual difference.

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