10 tools and software to improve employee happiness

Diana Nadim Adjadj

The workplace can be overwhelming. Every day we receive a bombardment of emails, phone calls and work piling up on our desks. It can be easy to feel overlooked by your bosses. If you work in a big company or corporation, the struggle might feel twice as real.


Bosses looking to boost employee satisfaction and engagement have a lot to consider. If employees are working remotely or from the office, there has to be some consistency. Employees desire a safe and caring environment. Below are some ways to improve employee happiness.

Great Storage

In our tech-driven world, file storage is super important. No one wants to feel frustrated by receiving emails with faulty attachments. Make sure that your company has a brilliant server or cloud where employees can access files.

Not only will this boost productivity, but it will save employees lots of headaches. A private server or cloud will guarantee secure data, which is always a plus. It will also allow you to centralize your information. This way, your employees can access it from anywhere. It won't matter if they're at home or on holiday.

Mood Monitoring

No, this isn't Orwell's 1984. You won't be in trouble if you're not exactly happy at work. However, reporting and communicating your mood to your boss will allow them to problem solve. It can help reduce employee turnover, as well. When employers are in the dark, they don't realize there's trouble.

That's why apps like Hppy are genuinely helpful. Hppy can show if employees aren't motivated and why that is. The app regularly asks users if they have had a good or bad day. All that information gets compiled and sent to the employer to evaluate. From there, they can make an assessment and plan on how to improve.

Safe Space for Feedback

A suggestions box doesn't work as well as it used to. Employees might feel uncomfortable sharing feedback, especially when it's not positive. Personalized feedback interfaces allow for anonymity and regularity. They also build the employee's trust, because they know that their opinions are getting attention.

While surveys are helpful, more personalized apps like 15Five, CultureAmp and TinyPulse work wonders. These apps give employees profiles and regularly prompt them for feedback. Employees should feel comfortable speaking up. Employers should also make it clear that their work environment does not tolerate any harassment. When employers do receive negative feedback, it's necessary to take action to uphold the company culture.


Everyone wants to feel appreciated. Rewarding a job well done is a simple way to boost morale. Verbal praise is always appreciated. If you are trying to keep your focus on work, you can consider assigning an employee a ‘fun’ project. Company retreats are fun, business bonding events that help employees blow off some steam, too.

To give more personal rewards, employers can offer physical rewards like gift cards. Even taking employees out to lunch will make them feel great. The popular rewards app YouEarnedIt is taking the workplace by storm. This mobile-based app allows employers to connect with and reward employees in real-time. It also provides colleagues the opportunity to award each other, which notably changes the workplace dynamic.


While email still reigns supreme, it usually a more formal kind of communication. After all, no one wants to read through long email threads they get CC'd on. A quicker and more functional interaction needs to happen somehow. That's why Slack is a great tool.

Slack allows companies to communicate instantaneously and share workspaces where they send images, videos, and other files. It also provides for different channels, which means better project division and productivity. Employees will be less distraction and more on the ball with Slack. Since Slack, Facebook developed Workspace and Microsoft put out Teams. Evaluate all three to see which one fits your company.

Video Calls

Skype isn't just for the family anymore. There’s a business version for companies now. When working with offices across the country or across the globe, Skype saves time. Conference calls become a breeze with this continually improving program.

A mobile app is also available for people on the go. Employees who are traveling or commuting don't have to miss out on meetings anymore. This same app also allows for messaging, file sharing and screen sharing. That's precisely why it is a popular tool for multinational corporations. Skype will make employees' work more effective.


If you're a fan of texting, you have probably heard the word WhatsApp uttered before. This app, which is immensely popular around the world, can be used for work, too. WhatsApp allows you to make different chat groups which you can use to your advantage. Designating chat groups for individual departments and projects will improve communication. Employees will thrive with a sense of community.

WhatsApp allows you to send written, and even, voice messages. When deadlines are tight, and employees are very busy, a simple voice message can help a lot. The app also allows users to send images, videos, and links. Communication will become fluid. Employees will be able to link up better and get work done more quickly.

One Stop Shop

Making programs more streamlined is a straightforward way to improve employee happiness. Instead of using several different programs on different servers and sites, simplify things as much as possible. A large number of employers have pointed to G Suite as an invaluable resource. G Suite gives businesses a variety of different programs all in one space. Google's suite has anything from video chatting to email available.

Google Hangouts are an easy way for employees to stay in touch. Google Drive allows employees to access all the information and use Google's apps like Docs, Sheets, and Presentations. The Gmail and Calendar features sync up to arrange meetings and set reminders. There are also the Keep and Whiteboard features that are useful during meetings. These apps help de-stress the workplace.

Productivity Planning

Organization is crucial for employees. Knowing what and when they need to accomplish tasks allows them to plan ahead. Any programs that make that easy will be helpful. Post-Its used to be an easy way to stay on top of the workload. Things have changed since then.

“I’m really passionate about Trello. It is fairly straightforward but incredibly helpful at the same time. Trello works by making to-do lists and tracking productivity. It can also track work time. This feature is helpful for employees to know how long a project generally takes them. This app has lots of creative capabilities, which gives employees flexibility.” — Marie Fincher, writer, and editor at Trust My Paper.

Health Checking

The way your employees physically feel will affect how happy they are, too. By promoting health in the workplace, you'll likely see an increase in engagement. Planning health-related events company races or obstacle courses are fun ways to help employees get active. You can also use apps to help monitor your employee's health.

FitBit is a popular app that tracks users’ daily steps. Colleagues can compete with each other and win virtual trophies for being more active. There is also Limeade which uses surveys and videos to educate users. This app can help employees learn and take steps to improve their health. When employees are healthy, their happiness is sure to skyrocket.


We've gone a long way to improve our workers’ lives within the last 20 years. The ever-evolving tech ecosystem will only make our lives even better in the near future. It’s our responsibility to embrace it. Good luck!


Diana Nadim Adjadj is a writer and editor who has a Masters degree in Marketing. She combines her passion for writing with her interest in research and creates thought-provoking content in various fields. Diana also runs her own 3to5Marketing blog. What inspires her the most in her writing is traveling and meeting new people.

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