Unboxed Technology

Winner of Training Industry Inc 2022 "Advanced Learning Technologies" Top 20 Company Award: Spoke® Learning Platform is a powerful LMS & LXP that makes it easy to embed continuous learning into the flow of work. Our ultra-simple admin portal makes it easy to configure, launch, and track all your learning content - in virtually any format while allowing you to organize your eLearning, classroom training, and skill building opportunities into customizable learner journeys. Spoke® also includes an AI-driven Coaching platform for manager feedback and practice opportunities to measure progress over time.

Spoke® can standalone or be seamlessly integrated your existing tools (HRIS, LMS, etc) via our open APIs & Single Sign On. Spoke® was designed to unlock Skill Agility®: the ability to develop skills at the pace of change and makes it a reality by driving learners through action-oriented recommendations, while giving them the autonomy to explore the information and expertise they’re interested in.

Go1 helps millions of people in thousands of organizations engage in learning that is relevant, effective and inspiring.