Flare HR
Automatically send your onboarded employees to Go1

Flare HR combines onboarding, benefits and employee management into a platform that helps companies engage with their workforce.

Streamline employee onboarding
By connecting your Flare account to Go1, new employees are automatically added to Go1, giving them instant access to the training and tools they need to do their job.
Seamlessly manage employee training
Within the Go1 Platform, relevant training can be assigned to new employees to kickstart their learning journey and hone the skills required to perform in their role.
Easy access to learning trends for your organization
You’ll have access to Go1's simple tracking and reporting interface for any learning that your employees engage in.
Ready to set up?

Check out the guides below for information on set up and functionality of the Flare integration:

Go1 helps millions of people in thousands of organizations engage in learning that is relevant, effective and inspiring.