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The Go1 Content Insider - September 2023 Edition

In September, we have more great playlists from our 12 Months of Learning calendar, as well as some fantastic content providers to highlight.
Shannon Herrera, Head of Content Curation

September is a great time to look at your customer-facing teams and ensure they have the necessary skills to satisfy your customers, both before and after closing a sale. We have provided you with two great playlists to get started in our 12 Months of Learning calendar, helping you improve customer satisfaction and elevate your sales skills. We've also got some fantastic content providers to highlight below.

What content providers should you check out this month? 


  • Topic coverage: Management & Leadership, Sales & Customer Service, Equality & Diversity, Health & Wellbeing, Compliance
  • 880+ courses in Premium ranging from 2 to 205 minutes in duration
  • Courses include infographics, cheat sheets, coaching blueprints, and other downloadable assets
  • Top courses: Effective Time Management, Building Resilience At Work, Communication & Influence, The 4 E's Of Effective Telephone Communication, Negotiation Stage 2 – Managing The Discussion   

Prositions, Inc

  • Topic coverage: IT software, Microsoft Products, Devops, Leadership, Communications, General Personal Development, Diversity and Inclusion
  • 1560+ courses in Premium ranging from 1 to 480 minutes in duration
  • Expert-led content
  • Top courses: Awareness and Prevention: Getting Real About Workplace Violence, Surviving an Extreme Act of Violence: Getting Real About Workplace Violence, Advanced Training for Managers and Supervisors: Getting Real About Workplace Violence, Effective Communication, Personal Integrity

Chart Learning Solutions

  • Topic coverage: Leadership, Sales & Customer Service, HR Compliance
  • 360+ courses in Premium ranging from 6 to 908 minutes in duration
  • The catalog includes adaptive learning options
  • Top courses: Service Attitude: Service Mistakes, Team Building: Building Team Trust and Respect, Service Attitude: Character & Integrity

What new content providers have been added to the Content Hub?


  • Topic coverage: Data Compliance, Finance and Communication
  • 21 courses in Premium, ranging from 3 - 120 minutes in duration, all in German
  • Top courses: Allgemeines Gleichbehandlungsgesetz – Grundlagen für Führungskräfte (General Equal Treatment Act - Basics for executives), Exportkontrolle (Export Control), Verantwortung und Haftung (Responsibility and Liability)

What great new content have our current content providers added to the Content Hub?

  • ej4 has refreshed its library and added 165 additional courses in a variety of topics.
  • AssembleYou doubled its content in the Go1 library, adding 110 new courses in topics such as leadership, sustainability, sales, and personal development. 
  • Packt added 66 new and updated technology content courses, including web development, cybersecurity, Ruby, and more.

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