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Introducing iAM Learning – storytellers, wizards and animators of learning content that we know your learners will love!

Kerrie-Anne Chinn
May 11, 2020

At GO1, we partner with the best training providers from around the world, to bring you content that is sure to engage, excite and meet the unique needs of your learners.

We are very pleased to introduce you to iAM Learning – the new brand from the pioneers of Learning Heroes – providers of characterful content all driven through the power of beautiful animation, characters and stories.

iAM Learning is disrupting the learning content space. No more endless PowerPoints that you can’t wait to skip through. They use the art of storytelling to bring content to life and to engage learners throughout their bitesize courses. Plus, with stunning animation and interactive courses, they are making learning accessible to businesses of all sizes, shapes and across all sectors.



iAM Learning has over 40 courses live - with a roadmap of content planned out for the next 12 months, taking the total learning content to over 150 titles! All of these will be available to GO1 Premium Customers.

All iAM Learning courses:  

  • have been crafted and curated by subject matter experts, from educational psychologists to H&S practitioners
  • every course is delivered through character-led screenplays or stories ranging from superheroes to wrestlers – and even a course on COSHH inspired by Breaking Bad!
  • every bit of animation is hand-drawn and lovingly crafted
  • all courses are CPD approved with IOSH approval for all health, safety, compliance and mental health topics coming throughout 2020
  • come with a variety of blended learning resources ranging from workbooks to infographics (with every course subtitled with a transcript and podcast).

Collections from iAM Learning include Health & Safety, Policy & Compliance, Mental Health & Wellbeing, Cyber Security & Data, Leadership & Soft Skills and much more to come!

iAM Learning has over 40 courses available on GO1 Premium, accessible for customers in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, the UK, Asia, North America, South America and Africa.

Explore content from iAM Learning HERE!

Change the way your workforce trains and retains today.

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