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How Go1 curates and maintains a world class library

As part of our continual efforts to curate a world-class content library, we’re announcing updates to our Pluralsight content.
Rojan Zarei, Product Marketing Manager

As the world’s content expert, Go1 is committed to aggregating, curating, and maintaining the largest library of high-quality learning content. That’s why we intentionally partner with top-tier content providers and follow a meticulous content selection process to meet our customers’ needs. Together, we establish strong alliances and continually update our library based on consumption data and customer feedback. 

Learn more about our content curation process and the latest updates to our library below. 

How we curate our library  

Our content selection process ensures we choose only the most valuable content providers and courses to add to our world-class library. We partner with many renowned brands, like Coursera, Pluralsight, and Harvard ManageMentor, each of which adds industry expertise to our library. We also collaborate with boutique content providers that contribute a wealth of domain-specific knowledge and diverse perspectives.  

To ensure we bring in high-quality content, we utilize an assessment framework and evaluate content quality using the following five criteria: 

  • Rich metadata: Content must have sufficient metadata to be categorized for easy discovery. 
  • Playability standards: Content should have an embedded playback experience to enable a simple, accessible learning process. 
  • Comprehensive topic coverage: Content should contribute to our library’s wide range of subjects across many disciplines and industries. 
  • Language variety: Content should be available in multiple languages or add language variety to our library to cater to a global audience. 
  • High-quality user experience: Content should be easy to use, intuitive, and engaging. 

How we maintain our library  

Once a content partner is integrated into the Go1 ecosystem, we work with them to ensure our content offerings are consistently updated. Every month, we add approximately 1,000 new courses, sourced from both existing and new content providers, to our library. We understand that having access to up-to-date knowledge is a non-negotiable for our customers, which is why we ask our content providers to review their courses regularly. Any outdated or irrelevant content is then removed or updated. 

This month’s content updates: Pluralsight 

This month, we’re refreshing our content library with updates from Pluralsight

We’ve updated our Pluralsight offering to bring 150+ courses to the Go1 Premium library [1]. Pluralsight is a global content provider 100% dedicated to developing and growing the technology skills of today’s workforce. Pluralsight’s content on Go1 includes new, hands-on beginner and intermediate courses for learners who want to master foundational tech skills like cloud computing, cybersecurity, software development, AI, and more. We’ve also made improvements to the Pluralsight learning experience, as all Pluralsight content can now be accessed through an embedded streaming player rather than taking users outside their LMS. 

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We hope these updates will create an even better experience for our customers and learners. Keep an eye out for more content updates in the future; until then, check out the Go1 library to view all available Pluralsight content. 

Recommended Courses from Pluralsight: 

  1. Data Science: Executive Briefing 
  2. ChatGPT and Generative AI: The Big Picture 
  3. Introduction to AWS CloudFormation 

[1] Pluralsight content is only available to Go1 Premium subscribers. 

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