The Induction Promise - Insights and Strategies Series

The Induction Promise - Insights and Strategies Series

Seven Dimensions
Updated Mar 07, 2019

A brilliant range of new programs on hot business topics to inspire awareness and improvement. These invaluable lessons for success cover various subjects in the areas of

  •  Business success and profit
  •  Crisis management mastery
  •  Marketing, brand and reputation
  • Leadership and culture
  •  Career and personal strategy
  •  HR strategy and management
  • Recruiting and developing high achievers
  •  Managing people problems
  •  influencing and sales skills  
  • Legal issues  

Inspire best practice performance with up-to-date knowledge, insights and strategies from a range of business leaders in Australia and USA, interviewed by Psychologist, Eve Ash. 

Course Overview

The Induction Promise is part of the Insights and Strategies Series; where experts and business leaders who have learned powerful lessons share their experiences and expertise to help viewers achieve best practice. This program is part of the series devoted to HR Strategy and Management; eight pragmatic videos providing HR practitioners with useful advice and proven, real-world strategies:

  •  HR Strategy and Management
  •  HR Dashboard of Metrics and Analytics
  •  Managing Recruitment Effectively
  •  Implementing Successful Training
  •  Reward and Remuneration
  •  Performance Appraisals
  •  Confidentiality Obligations by HR

Key Learning Points

Peter Wallbridge questions the consistency of managers when they talk to new recruits:

  •  Promises made during recruitment
  •  Ten managers … ten promises
  •  Managers must present a consistent business story
  •  Six month follow-up study
  •  Overpromising = disappointment
  •  Outcomes of a consistent message

Target Audience

Managers, Executives




Peter Wallbridge Interviewee, Eve Ash Interviewer