Switch On Managers – Interactive

Switch On Managers – Interactive

Seven Dimensions
Updated Jan 19, 2021

Switch on Managers shows you can develop effective thinking patterns and behaviors to improve your leadership and management skills. Your success begins with the way you think. Managers can make a difference by being positive and enthusiastic with their teams. When they have a few negative thinking patterns, it is time to re-evaluate these underlying blocks to success. When leaders are more open, respectful and positive, this has a direct impact on their people, and they are perceived as effective leaders. The team feels more engaged and the work is more enjoyable.

Switch on Managers demonstrates a simple approach based on the notion of ‘scripts’ or ‘messages’ in our head that help us or hinder us at work. It shows a range of typical thinking patterns that underpin the actions and work that people do. It shows how negative messages can be transformed with a proactive approach to: SWITCH ON POSITIVE MESSAGES!