Slips Trips & Falls - Blue Collar Workers

Slips Trips & Falls - Blue Collar Workers

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Updated Feb 15, 2019

Course Overview 

A common cause of death and injury in the workplace are falls from heights as a result of slips and trips. Many of the slipping and tripping hazards go unnoticed in a workplace because workers become so familiar with their particular work environment.

Course consists of 4 minutes of video content combined with assessment questions and interactivity.

Learning Objectives 

  • Injuries caused by slips trips or falls
  • Slips, trips and falls hazard identification and risk assessment
  • How to apply the Hierarchy of Controls
  • The importance of good housekeeping

Target Audience 

Aimed at all workers, this program can be used in your induction process or as a refresher for existing workers.

Business Outcomes  

The course will remind your workers to not only take care of themselves but also others in the workplace through good housekeeping and hazard identification etc.


10 to 15 Minutes