Office 2010 - Word Beginners - Formatting Paragraphs

Office 2010 - Word Beginners - Formatting Paragraphs

Updated Nov 07, 2018

Learning Objectives

  • Indent Paragraphs with Ruler
  • Modify Indents using Toolbar
  • Indent Text using Shortcuts
  • Adjust the right margin
  • Work with the Paragraph Box
  • Copy Paragraph Formatting

Course Overview

  • Indent paragraphs by dragging the relevant indent marker to the required ruler location. Indenting paragraphs pushes the corresponding text in or out from the margins.
  • A hanging indent is one where the first line remains fixed and the other lines are off-set.
  • To indent the entire paragraph you drag the All Indent marker.
  • To create indents inside a margin or change paragraph spacing use the Paragraph box.
  • Use the Format Painter to copy formatting.