Mindfulness Techniques

Mindfulness Techniques

Seven Dimensions
Updated Apr 16, 2020

What you'll learn

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Everyone can improve their mindfulness. Kylie Bell provides various useful techniques that help us develop mindfulness. These range from one minute meditations, through to three minutes’ body scan (lying down, beginning at your feet and relaxing in sequence the rest of your body) while allowing thoughts to just sit in your mind, without analysis or judgment. Even a few minutes makes all the difference to our state of mind. Mindfulness is also achieved through enjoyable activities that calm, such as baking, reading or drawing. People should aim for a short space of calm each day.

This program is one of the Insights and Strategies Series, featuring psychologist Eve Ash interviewing a range of experts and business leaders who share their experiences and practical strategies for achieving best practice.

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Business Outcomes

This program is designed to help people manage stress and build resilience to cope better and remain calm when faced with overload, setbacks and challenges. A powerful and essential program for people working in today’s pressured environment.