MIND over Mood

MIND over Mood

Seven Dimensions
Updated Jul 15, 2020

Mind over Mood will help you understand how to control your moods and switch to positive constructive thinking. Psychologist Eve Ash explains how to change, what she calls, the Negative Land of W (Wishing, Whining and Wasting Time) to the Positive: Wanting to Achieve, Willing to Learn and Working Effectively.

Once this video is completed you will have learned how we waste valuable time wishing for something different or whining about finishing a task or project. You will know how to choose your mood using the Positive Land of W approach: Wanting to achieve, being Willing to learn, and Working effectively. It’s a case of mind over mood.

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Learning Objectives

  • Transform your mood (the Negative W’s) into Positive thinking
  • Avoid wasting time and whining
  • Be willing to learn and wanting to achieve
  • Work effectively