Meeting Segments - Meeting Series

Meeting Segments - Meeting Series

Seven Dimensions
Updated Mar 11, 2019

Dramatized case studies of meetings

Course Overview

Segment 1:

Introductions - 3 minutes 

Mat, Anna, Dustin, Sally and Stu are at a group assessment interview. Each person briefly introduces themselves while a panel looks on. They introduce themselves to the rest of the group, providing some information about their interests

Segment 2:

Panel Review - 5 minutes  Mark leads a panel of 4 other observer interviewers and they review the previous segment. The panel - Mark, Bill, Simon, Jessica and Waz - review the candidates' introductions and discuss their communication skills. We see:

  •  Bill reviewing Stu
  •  Simon reviewing Sally
  •  Jessica reviewing Anna
  • Mark reviewing Dustin
  •  Waz reviewing Mat

Segment 3:

Problem Solving Scenario - 6 minutes Mark introduces a problem solving activity for the group of applicants to do Sally, Mat, Anna, Dustin and Stu discuss and try to solve the problem. The group is given a workplace problem scenario that they are required to discuss and together, work out a team solution. The candidates run through a number of ideas and suggestions in an effort to sort out the issues and come up with some creative solutions.

Segment 4:

Panel Review - 7 minutes  The interview panel reviews the group's performance. They discuss each of the applicants in turn, with a view to assessing their leadership potential. Each panel member observed one applicant and reported on his or her performance. We see:

  •  Bill reviewing Stu
  •  Simon reviewing Sally
  •  Jessica reviewing Anna
  •  Mark reviewing Dustin
  •  Waz reviewing Mat

Segment 5:

Discussion Activity - 9 minutes  The applicants have a project discussion about corporate social responsibility and allocation of a budget. The activity given to the group requires them to discuss the company's social responsibility and determine how to spend a $50,000 budget. One person is also required to present a summary of their solution to the panel.

Segment 6:

Panel Review - 3 minutes  The panel discuss the group's performance and come to a consensus about who performed best. They discuss each of the candidates and their potential for leadership based on the discussion activity. They are required to make a final decision about who would be most suitable for the position.

Key Learning Points

  •  Solving problems in groups
  •  Briefing a group to undertake a task
  •  Reaching consensus on a decision
  •  Group dynamics and observers

Target Audience

Trainers , All staff, Managers




Eve Ash