Inclusion in Meetings

Inclusion in Meetings

Updated Mar 14, 2019

About this course:

Diversity of thought quite simply means people with different backgrounds, experiences and knowledge sharing their perspectives – and very often that is done in meetings. It is in meetings that some of our most important opportunities for learning lie and where many important decisions are made. Ensuring meetings are inclusive and effective in tapping into power of diversity is one of the most important steps one can take towards building a more successful team and company.

In this interactive, game-based course you will learn practical steps to make your meetings more inclusive, so that people feel heard and the best ideas are voiced.

Learning Topics:

  • Learn to value and leverage diversity in meetings
  • Discover practical tools that encourage constructive conflict
  • Explore how to structure meetings for greater inclusion


This course is suitable for all employees.

It is recommended that "Embedding Inclusion" be completed beforehand.

This course features:

  • A short 10-minute microlearning experience
  • Gamified interface to stimulate thinking, increase engagement and encourage completion
  • A discussion guide to help embed learning in your team
  • Dynamic interactions
  • Animated video
  • Benchmark data for people to compare their perspectives with others


10 Minutes