Customer Service Role Plays - Job Interview Success Series

Customer Service Role Plays - Job Interview Success Series

Seven Dimensions
Updated Mar 08, 2019

Tasha, Dustin, Charlotte and Sally are put to the test when they are each confronted by an unexpected role play scenario as part of their interview. Learn how to do well even in challenging situations, and even if you have never before been to an interview. Sally's coaching session gives excellent advice for first time interviewees.

Key Learning Points

  • Research a job role to identify skills required
  • No work experience does not mean no applicable experience
  • Skills from your own life experience can be translated to a work environment  
  • Ask questions to show interest and enthusiasm
  • Be clear  
  • Be professional – not personal
  • An angry customer wants to be heard and helped, not put off or palmed off to someone else
  • Anger can be diffused by showing empathy  
  • Anger can be diffused by showing a desire to help
  • Paraphrasing a problem shows that you have heard and understood it
  • Be ready to do a role play if asked

This video is part of the Job Interview Success Series. A dynamic series uses a variety of case studies and examples, with excellent advice and practical information to help ensure success at a wide range of interviews. A must for everyone wanting to succeed at job interviews, especially young people and those who lack confidence.

Target Audience
Community, Youth, All staff