Communication At Work - Obstacles to Effective Communication

Communication At Work - Obstacles to Effective Communication

Channel 1 Creative Media
Updated Feb 27, 2019

Course Overview 

Communication barriers can be highly damaging to how well a message gets delivered and received. Blaming, criticising and poor listening skills are some of the obstacles which can lead to ineffective communication.

Learning Objectives 

In this communication training video, you will learn skills to overcoming these barriers such as:

  • Establishing rapport
  • Being prepared
  • Setting parameters
  • Addressing problems impersonally
  • Providing positive feedback

Target Audience 

Target Audience … everyone!

Business Outcomes  

Obstacles to effective communication van affect relationships within the workplace and ultimately, the performance of employees. With this training video, you will have peace of mind knowing that all communication is clear, well presented and well received. This is part one of our seven part series on Communication at Work


9 Minutes