Systems Administrator

Security Innovation
15 hrs

Systems Administrator

Security Innovation
15 hrs
$468per person
$468per person

Provides learners with fundamental knowledge necessary to secure networks and systems. This learning path is designed to present a holistic approach to network and system security with an exploration of controls, monitoring access, operational procedure and formal auditing and logging.

Courses Include

  • AWA 101 Fundamentals of Application Security
  • AWA 102 Secure Software Concepts
  • COD 141 Fundamentals of Secure Database Development
  • COD 219 Creating Secure Code SAP ABAP Foundations
  • COD 261-266 Secure Scripting Series 
  • DES 214-216 Secure Enterprise Infrastructure Series 
  • DES 222-231 Applying OWASP 2017 Mitigations Series 
  • ENG 110 Essential Account Management Security
  • ENG 111 Essential Session Management Security
  • ENG 113 Essential Secure Configuration Management
  • ENG 118 Essential Incident Response
  • ENG 119 Essential Security Audit and Accountability
  • ENG 121 Essential Identification and Authentication
  • ENG 122 Essential Physical and Environmental Protection
  • ENG 123 Essential Security Engineering Principles
  • ENG 125 Essential Data Protection
  • ENG 127 Essential Media Protection
  • ENG 191-195 Implementing the MS SDL into your SDLC Series 
  • ENG 205 Fundamentals of Threat Modeling
Fundamentals of Application Securityinteractive
Secure Software Conceptsinteractive
Fundamentals of Secure Database Developmentinteractive
Creating Secure Code SAP ABAP Foundationsinteractive
Creating Secure Code SAP ABAP Foundations Quizinteractive
Threats to Scriptsinteractive
Fundamentals of Shell and Interpreted Language Securityinteractive
Secure Bash Scriptinginteractive
Secure Perl Scriptinginteractive
Securing Infrastructure Architectureinteractive
Defending Infrastructureinteractive
Securing Cloud Instancesinteractive
Applying OWASP 2017: Mitigating Injectioninteractive
Applying OWASP 2017: Mitigating Broken Authenticationinteractive
Applying OWASP 2017: Mitigating Sensitive Data Exposureinteractive
Applying OWASP 2017: Mitigating XML External Entities (XXE)interactive
Applying OWASP 2017: Mitigating Broken Access Controlinteractive
Applying OWASP 2017: Mitigating Security Misconfigurationinteractive
Applying OWASP 2017: Mitigating Cross Site Scripting (XSS)interactive
Applying OWASP 2017: Mitigating Insecure Deserializationinteractive
Applying OWASP 2017: Mitigating Use of Components with Known Vulnerabilitiesinteractive
Applying OWASP 2017: Mitigating Insufficient Logging & Monitoring Vulnerabilitiesinteractive
Essential Account Management Securityinteractive
Essential Session Management Securityinteractive
Essential Secure Configuration Managementinteractive
Essential Incident Responseinteractive
Essential Security Audit and Accountabilityinteractive
Essential Identification and Authenticationinteractive
Essential Physical and Environmental Protectioninteractive
Essential Security Engineering Principlesinteractive
Essential Data Protectioninteractive
Essential Media Protectioninteractive
Introduction to the Microsoft SDLinteractive
Implementing the Agile MS SDLinteractive
Implementing the MS SDL Optimization Modelinteractive
Implementing MS SDL Line of Businessinteractive
Implementing the MS SDL Threat Modeling Toolinteractive
Fundamentals of Threat Modelinginteractive
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