SAT Math Test Walkthrough #1

Charles Breiling

SAT Math Test Walkthrough #1

Charles Breiling

This course is designed to simulate as closely as possible the experience of taking the Math portion of the SAT. (Please note that this course does NOT cover the redesigned SAT to be launched in Spring 2016.)

Like the Math SAT, this course has three main sections, each with about 20 questions, from easy to hard, and can be taken in several different ways:

  1. "Test Conditions" This means that you'll print out a 4-page test booklet for each section, and a bubble-in answer sheet, then you'll set a timer for about 20 minutes, and get to work. When the timer goes off you can grade your test and estimate your score for that section. If you get any problems wrong, you can watch only the videos for those problems, as you choose.
  2. "Problem Videos" Or you can simply take this course one problem video at a time. In the first few seconds of each video, you're asked to click pause with the problem on-screen. Try to solve the problem on your own, then when you're done (or if you're stumped), you can click play to see if you got the answer right. The video then will have a one to two minute explanation of the solution, and some of these solutions have a mini math lesson built in!

This course has several features to provide maximum flexibility.

Are you a smartphone or tablet user? If so, or if you don't have access to a printer, there is a slideshow version of each of the three sample test sections, where each problem appears full-screen. Simply swipe to go to the next problem, while working on your loose-leaf paper.

Do you want to estimate your SAT Math score? If you choose do a test section under "test conditions" then you can get a rough estimate of your SAT Math score by counting how many problems you got right and got wrong in that one section, then using the score conversion table at the end of the section.

Do you want a more accurate estimate? Simply take all three test sections under test conditions. Then, at the very end of the course, there's an automated spreadsheet that will compute a pretty accurate SAT Math score for you. All you need to do is enter how many questions you answered correctly, and how many multiple choice answers you got wrong, from each of the three sections, and the spreadsheet will do the rest.

Aside from sitting down with an actual SAT Math coach and taking a full practice SAT Math test, you'll get an excellent experience taking this course: SAT Math Walkthrough #1.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Work your way through an entire practice SAT Math test, 54 questions in all.
  • Feel more confident when taking the math portion of the actual SAT (before Spring 2016)
  • Know an estimate (from 200 to 800) of your score on Math portion of the SAT.

What is the target audience?

  • This course is designed for students who are getting ready to take the SAT (before Spring 2016), and want to practice on math questions from easy to hard.
  • This course is NOT for you if you're trying to prepare for the new SAT, to be launched in Spring 2016.
  • This course is also NOT for you if you want practice in the Reading or Writing portions of the test. This course is math only.

What are the requirements?

  • Students should have a decent background in Algebra and Geometry.
  • Paper and pencil are essential, for you will be working math problems throughout the Walkthrough.
  • For the best experience, you should be able to print PDF files (the test sections and the bubble-in answer sheet), to best simulate the test conditions of the actual test.
  • You will need a kitchen timer or timing app to accurately time each test section. Remember that you don't have a lot of time per section in the actual test!
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