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Personal Leadership and Influence

Gravitas Academy
12 hrs

Personal Leadership and Influence

Gravitas Academy
12 hrs
Included in GO1 PremiumStarting from $12 per user for teamsLearn moreTry for free
Included in GO1 PremiumStarting from $12 per user for teamsLearn moreTry for free

Course Overview

Welcome to Personal Leadership and Influence. This course is designed to support leaders in understanding the critical role of social competence – encompassing personal wisdom and people skills – in leading and inspiring others.  During the program you will complete a range of self-reflective activities to build self-awareness and understanding – critical abilities in the transformational leader.

Target Audience

The program is designed for current and emerging leaders within the health and human services setting.

Learning Objectives

During the course you will learn to:

  • Describe the role of leadership in organisations
  • Explain the ‘performance equation’
  • Understand your personal behavioural style and its impact on others
  • Explain the critical role of self-awareness and social competence
  • Describe contemporary leadership models and frameworks
  • Apply practical tools and techniques to achieve effectiveness in a leadership role
  • Develop individual goals for building personal leadership capability

Course Outline

  • The role of leadership in organisations
  • Fundamentals of human behaviour
  • Self-awareness and social competence
  • Transformational and Situational Leadership
  • Contemporary models of leadership
  • Personal action planning for building leadership capability

Business Outcomes

This short course will enable participants to become more effective transformational leaders and enhance their leadership capability.

Introduction and Overview
Activities and Resourcestext
Performance Energy Managementdocument
Optional activity - Time Robbersdocument
Your Learning Objectivestext
Welcome to Personal Leadership and Influencevideo
The Leadership Landscape
The Leadership Landscapevideo
The Challenging World of Today’s Leadertext
What’s this thing called leadership?document
Quiz: Qualities of Great Leadersquestion
Do you want to be a leader?document
Optional reading: The Challenges Leaders Face Around the Worlddocument
Personal Responsibility and Choices Modelvideo
Guiding Leadership Principlestext
What’s the Difference Between Leadership and Management?video
Quiz: Leadership versus Managementquestion
Complexity and Systems Thinkingvideo
Leading in a Non-Linear Worldtext
How Great Leaders Inspire Actionvideo
Leadership Landscape Module Quizquiz
Social Competence and Personal Style
Social Competence and Personal Stylevideo
Social Competence, Mental Models, and Their Use in Influencing Othersvideo
Social Competence – New Researchtext
Leadership and Personal Style (Part One)video
People Reading Guidedocument
Leadership and Personal Style (Part Two)video
Social Competence Module Quizquiz
Contemporary Models of Leadership
Contemporary Models of Leadershipvideo
Transformational Leadershiptext
Situational Leadershiptext
Optional Reading: Nurse Managers and Transformational and Transactional Leadersdocument
Optional Reading: Neuroscience and Leadership: The Promise of Insightsdocument
Journal Activitytext
Contemporary Models of Leadership Quizquiz
King Herod Scenariodocument
Optional Journal Activitytext
King Herod Activityvideo
Values, Culture, and the Leader's Roledocument
Voicing Values in the Workplacevideo
Leadership Success: Does Personality Matter?document
Values Topic Quizquiz
Summary Activity and Conclusion
Summary Activitydocument
Summary and Conclusiontext