Operations/IT Manager

Security Innovation
7 hrs

Operations/IT Manager

Security Innovation
7 hrs
$468per person
$468per person

Introduces basics of application security and essential goals and controls needed to manage the development of secure software. Courses will also explore management of risks associated with the software development lifecycle while diving into developing, implementing, and ensuring compliance with operational application security policies and procedures.

Courses Include

  • DES 214-216 Secure Enterprise Infrastructure Series
  • ENG 110 Essential Account Management Security
  • ENG 111 Essential Session Management Security
  • ENG 112 Essential Access Control for Mobile Devices
  • ENG 113 Essential Secure Configuration Management
  • ENG 114 Essential Risk Assessment
  • ENG 115 Essential System and Information Integrity
  • ENG 116 Essential Security Planning Policy and Procedures
  • ENG 117 Essential Information Security Program Planning
  • ENG 118 Essential Incident Response
  • ENG 119 Essential Security Audit and Accountability
  • ENG 120 Essential Security Assessment and Authorization
  • ENG 121 Essential Identification and Authentication
  • ENG 122 Essential Physical and Environmental Protection
  • ENG 123 Essential Security Engineering Principles
  • ENG 124 Essential Application Protection
  • ENG 125 Essential Data Protection
  • ENG 126 Essential Security Maintenance Policies
  • ENG 127 Essential Media Protection
  • ENG 205 Fundamentals of Threat Modeling
Securing Infrastructure Architectureinteractive
Defending Infrastructureinteractive
Securing Cloud Instancesinteractive
Essential Account Management Securityinteractive
Essential Session Management Securityinteractive
Essential Access Control for Mobile Devicesinteractive
Essential Secure Configuration Managementinteractive
Essential Risk Assessmentinteractive
Essential System and Information Integrityinteractive
Essential Security Planning Policy and Proceduresinteractive
Essential Information Security Program Planninginteractive
Essential Incident Responseinteractive
Essential Security Audit and Accountabilityinteractive
Essential Security Assessment and Authorizationinteractive
Essential Identification and Authenticationinteractive
Essential Physical and Environmental Protectioninteractive
Essential Security Engineering Principlesinteractive
Essential Application Protectioninteractive
Essential Data Protectioninteractive
Essential Security Maintenance Policiesinteractive
Essential Media Protectioninteractive
Fundamentals of Threat Modelinginteractive
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