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Negotiating Mastery

Sandler Admin
4 hrs

Negotiating Mastery

Sandler Admin
4 hrs
Included in GO1 PremiumStarting from $12 per user for teamsLearn moreTry it free
Included in GO1 PremiumStarting from $12 per user for teamsLearn moreTry it free

Course Overview

Negotiating Mastery is a nine-lesson course on how to reach win-win agreements. It was designed for owners, managers, and salespeople who are routinely putting together complicated deals, negotiating discounts, or enterprise selling. While this course is based primarily around sales negotiations, it will also be helpful to managers and owners negotiating any type of contract. The goal of negotiating is to reach an agreement that satisfies both parties and moves the relationship forward. Each side feels that the other was fair. Fairness, or at least the perception of fairness, is critical. In order to achieve this, each side needs to uncover a better understanding of what the other really wants. The best test of a true win/win outcome is whether or not each party would want to enter into additional negotiations with the other in the future. A Sandler-trained salesperson knows how to get a good deal and leaves the other side thinking they negotiated a good deal too.

Target Audience

Sales and Executives

Learning Outcomes

  • How to negotiate effectively
  • Understanding and dealing with the professional negotiator
  • Identifying sources of negotiating leverage
  • How personality, style, and persuasion effect outcomes
  • The most common negotiating mistakes
  • The top 12 gambits buyers use and the countermeasures
  • Breaking through apparent impasses
  • Making concessions
  • Preparing for your next negotiation

Business Outcomes

  • Close more deals, at better margins
  • See less discounting to win business
Negotiating Mastery
Negotiating Mastery - Welcomevideo
How Can You Become a Master Negotiator?video • 4 mins
The Difference Between Selling and Negotiatingvideo • 5 mins
The Sandler Selling System and Negotiatingvideo • 10 mins
Value Objectionsvideo • 8 mins
The Professional Negotiatorvideo • 12 mins
Psychological Conceptsvideo • 8 mins
Win/Win vs. Win/Losevideo • 3 mins
Sources of Negotiating Leveragevideo • 8 mins
Advantages of Negotiating Leveragevideo • 9 mins
Preparing for Your Next Negotiationvideo • 6 mins
The Seven Deadly Sinsvideo • 8 mins
The Dirty Dozen – Part 1video • 12 mins
The Dirty Dozen – Part 2video • 13 mins
Breaking Through Impassesvideo • 9 mins
The Three-Step Concession Planvideo • 7 mins
The Art and Science of Giving Concessionsvideo • 5 mins
Personality, Style, and Persuasionvideo • 10 mins
Maximizing Your Negotiating Momentsvideo • 3 mins
Negotiating Mastery - Thank youvideo