Monetize Your Android App with Ads


Monetize Your Android App with Ads


In this course, you will learn how to monetize apps using Google's AdMob to display banner and interstitial ads.

This course is part of the Google Play Services series, which features a variety of different Google APIs. Designed as standalone short courses, you can take any course on its own, or take them all!

Why Take This Course?

If you want to be a professional Android developer and generate ad revenue from your apps, this is the course for you!

Prerequisites and Requirements

To get the most out of this course, you should have prior experience developing Android apps. If you lack this experience, please take Developing Android Apps prior to enrolling in this one. We also recommend taking Advanced Android App Development if you are interested in publishing your app to the Google Play Store.

To follow along with course activities, you must have access to the latest release of Android Studio, which includes an emulator that you can use for basic testing of your apps. For the best experience, you should use a recent Android device.



Overview of Google Play services and an introduction to the goals and structure of this series.

Learn AdMob

  • Introduction to models to make money from an app and Google AdMob.
  • Create code to display Banner and Interstitial ads in an app.
  • How to go from a test app to an app that shows real ads.

Capstone Project (2 Stages)

This project assumes that you have completed Developing Android Apps, Advanced Android App Development and Google Play Services: Location and Context, in addition to this course.

Design, then build, your own Android app.

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