Your Personalized Action Plan, from the Everyday Wellbeing Series

Your Personalized Action Plan, from the Everyday Wellbeing Series

Understand how the changes you make—no matter how small—can improve your health and wellbeing.

Updated Aug 12, 2020

It’s time to ditch the one-size-fits-all diet and exercise programs. Instead, create your own Personal Action Plan to implement health and nutrition principles based on your health goals. This course will help you select and establish healthy habits around nutrition, fitness, and sleep in ways that work best for you. As you make lifestyle changes, build on your Personal Action Plan to continue moving toward a healthy lifestyle over time.

In this self-directed course, you’ll review the key areas of wellness and select action items that you can use to improve your overall health and wellbeing right away.

Your Personalized Action Plan is the tenth module in the Everyday Wellbeing series from Maestro, a 10-course curriculum that teaches you the well-rounded habits that make up a healthy lifestyle, including hydration, nutrition, exercise, and sleep. Everyday Wellbeing introduces the basic science of these wellness principles and provides clear strategies for how to integrate them into your life right now.

  1. Principles of Healthy Nutrition
  2. Nutrition: Hydration, Carbs & Fiber
  3. Nutrition: Proteins & Fats
  4. Nutrition: Planning & Selecting Healthy Foods
  5. Nutrition: Frequency, Quality & Quantity
  6. Movement & Exercise
  7. Sleep, Rest & Renewal
  8. Measuring Heart Health
  9. Lasting Lifestyle Changes
  10. Your Personalized Action Plan