Workplace Management: Employment Laws and Regulations

Workplace Management: Employment Laws and Regulations

Updated Mar 19, 2018
The HR practitioner must continuously maintain a working level of knowledge regarding laws and regulatory standards that impact the organization's relationship with its employees and that serve to protect the interests of both parties. Organizational noncompliance may lead to financial penalties and other indirect costs, such as reputational impacts. In this course, you'll learn about a number of federal laws and standards and their amendments, covering areas of compensation, employment, health and safety, employee relations, and employee protection. The course contents are based on the Body of Competency and Knowledge (BoCK), 2015 of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). While the course helps learners to prepare for the SHRM-CP/SCP certification exams, it is equally useful for HR professionals who want to improve their effectiveness in the workplace and advance their careers.