Workforce Planning

Workforce Planning

Employees are the greatest asset of any business, and it is important for employers to have a solid plan for their workforce in order to get the most out of their employees. This course will teach employers how to develop a workforce plan to best utilise the skills and capabilities of all of their employees.

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Updated Oct 15, 2019


This resource has been developed for employers.  

The aim of this resource is to provide an introduction to an important planning tool for your business - the workforce plan.

Your employees are your greatest asset when in business and planning how best to utilise and develop their skills and capabilities will help your business achieve your vision.

Learning Outcomes

In this resource we consider:

  • The importance of developing and implementing a workforce plan
  • A workforce planning framework for your business, and
  • how a workforce plan can benefit your business.

Business Outcomes

Understand the importance of planning your workforce.