Work Life Balance Tips For Employees

Work Life Balance Tips For Employees

Updated Jun 08, 2020

Learn how to have it all and enjoy it all by balancing your life and work. In this talk, the instructor and business coach explores smart strategies to make work a focus at work and give yourself time to enjoy your time at home. He tackles tough questions like these: What are the warning signs that my life is out of balance? How do I keep balance when I travel so frequently? How do I balance work, life, and school?

Work-life balance is described as a self-determined state of well-being that allows an individual to effectively manage different responsibilities at work, as well as outside work. According to a major Canadian study, 1 in 4 employees experiences high levels of work-life conflict between their work and family.

The time spent at work is one of the major factors that influence this work-life conflict. Other reasons include job security, work-role ambiguity, work-role conflict, job dissatisfaction, work demands or overload, and many more.

Work-life conflict is a difficult problem that impacts both employee, and their employers and it seems that this problem is increasing. However, if you’re interested in a work-life balance that can help you live a happier, and more meaningful life then continue reading this post.