Wisdom, Distilled: Setting the Table

Wisdom, Distilled: Setting the Table

Small Batch Learning
Updated Apr 17, 2019

Course Overview

This 28-minute video course, divided into two parts, is a summary and discussion of the key lessons from award-winning New York restaurateur Danny Meyer's book Setting the Table, which is often referred to as a must-read for all hospitality professionals. 

Target Audience

The video is aimed at anyone who wants to analyse what makes a successful food and drink business, from owners and managers through to ambitious staff members. Although the subject matter is the hospitality industry, the key messages are relevant to anyone who delivers customer service. 

Learning Objectives

The course shares Meyer's wisdom on topics such as hospitality versus service, the importance of staff, building a community, marketing and focusing on the long-term.

Business Outcomes

This course will help foster discussion and analysis among staff, and lead to a greater understanding of the big-picture decisions and issues facing owners and management.