Whistleblowing Australia - Introduction to whistleblowing

Whistleblowing Australia - Introduction to whistleblowing

Module 1 of the course 'Whistleblowing Australia'.

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Updated Oct 28, 2020

Whistleblowing is the act of exposing illegal or unethical practices within an organisation. Research shows that businesses that receive and investigate whistleblower reports show a significant and lasting decline in misconduct incidents. But often employees are reluctant to report misconduct they notice at work before of fear that the organisation or another employee will take adverse action against them for speaking up. New laws have been enacted in Australia granting certain statutory protections to whistleblowers. This course uses real-life examples and scenarios to ensure individuals are aware of their rights and to guide them on what to do when a reportable situation arises and what to expect from the reporting process. Advanced modules cover how to handle a disclosure and institute a whistleblowing culture from the top down.

Target Audience

This course contains a general module suitable for employees at all levels and in all facets of your business as well as a module for managers on organisational obligations and compliance.