What is dyscalculia? June 2020

What is dyscalculia? June 2020

SEND Group
Updated Jun 16, 2020

Jume 2020

Audience: Parents, teachers, specialist teachers.

In this webinar we will explore the neurodevelopmental difficulty dyscalculia. We will discuss the range of barriers to learning mathematics and explain the nature of dyscalculia as a subset or these wider difficulties. We will look at commonly co-occurring conditions such as dyslexia, Developmental Language Disorder and impairments in executive functioning and the impact that these conditions can also have on maths learning.

This webinar is pitched at an introductory/intermediate level and requires a basic understanding of neurodevelopmental conditions. It is suitable for parents, classroom teachers and support staff who work with learners who struggle with maths.

Presented by Pete Jarrett