What Do Our Customers Expect From Us? - Rapid Recall

What Do Our Customers Expect From Us? - Rapid Recall

When customers call or step through the door, they expect a certain level of a customer service.

Updated Jul 02, 2020

Each and every customer wants a unique experience where they feel like they are the only customer you have – they want it to be quick and painless but at a certain level of quality too.

The Skillshub "What Do Our Customers Expect From Us?" course looks at how todays customers expect us to know our customers, provide a memorable experience and be helpful and go the extra mile.

Once the course is complete you can make sure that your customers are not only satisfied with your service, but overly impressed enough to refer you to other people.

The Skillshub Rapid Recall Microlearning Series is made up of a Video, Action Planning, Cheat Sheet, Coaching Blueprint and Session Notes to allow you to take action back in the workplace. The session also requires you to pass a quick-fire quiz with a maximum of three multiple choice questions.