VBA for Beginners

VBA for Beginners

This course is designed for advanced Excel users who are interested in using VBA to automate frequently performed tasks in Excel.

Simon Sez IT
Updated May 21, 2019

Course Overview

The course is designed for individuals and professionals who are new to VBA and who are seeking practical ways to automate tasks in Microsoft Excel that are performed frequently.

Target Audience

Advanced Excel users looking to automate and supercharge Excel

Learning Objectives

In this course you will:

  • Learn how to automate tasks and operations that you perform frequently.
  • Discover how to define and manage variables, set up subroutines, and create functions.
  • Find out how to use input boxes and message boxes to interact with end users.
  • Learn practical methods for using macro errors to improve your VBA code.
  • Learn about the PivotTable object and basic approaches to utilizing it.
  • Discover what variables are, and how they relate to functions versus methods and subroutines.
  • Create cross-functional flowcharts.