Using Lean to Improve Flow and Pull

Using Lean to Improve Flow and Pull

Whether you work in a manufacturing or service environment, the success of your business depends on the efficiency of its processes and how well they respond to customer demand. If you're looking to increase production or improve quality of service, your focus should be on eliminating waste.

Updated Mar 11, 2018
Anyone, at any level, can help make their organization more efficient. The simplest way is to eliminate waste from business processes. There are various Lean techniques that can help any organization build efficiency and quality into its operations. In this course, you'll learn about the visual workplace, identify key components of just-in-time, and explore the steps of the Kanban system. You'll also consider the goals of line balancing, and learn how to calculate takt time. This course also shows how you can improve communication how to improve Operations Managements by establishing a pull system that paces production with the rate of actual product demand, and distributing work evenly.