Using Goals to GROW - Interactive

Using Goals to GROW - Interactive

Seven Dimensions
Updated May 10, 2020

When you want to succeed with goals, find and remove the obstacles. This entertaining and motivating interactive course will equip teams and individuals with skills to set and achieve their goals.

Serena presents the GROW model to a skeptical Carol and Marcus. She says that GROW helped her become vice-president at Cutting Edge.

G is for setting a Goal. Carol’s goal is increasing the number of keynote speeches she gives to international audiences, while Marcus wants to lose weight. Steve raises with Marcus his goal of working in Carol’s role while she travels.

R is for Reality: where you are in relation to where you want to be. Serena explains how she ‘grew’ into a VP. Marcus compliments Serena’s role modeling (Carol clearly feels otherwise). Steve checks the reality with Marcus who carefully informs Steve that the skills required for Carol’s position are ‘within his grasp’.

O is for the Obstacles to achieving one’s goal and also for the Options in overcoming those obstacles! Although critical of Serena’s GRO-OW, Carol nevertheless sees her lack of languages as an obstacle to her international stardom. Sam presents a third O: Obstacles present Opportunities for him.

W is the Way forward. What are the concrete steps that can be used to move ahead? Marcus will cut down his lunch cycle! He congratulates Steve for his initiative in stepping up for Carol’s job

Key Learning Points

  • Don't wish for change INSTEAD: Define goals to achieve
  • Don't be vague INSTEAD: Assess gaps realistically
  • Don't let obstacles hold you back INSTEAD: See options and opportunitie
  • Don't wait for things to happen INSTEAD: Convert options into actions

Comedy makes learning fun

This interactive course is part of the popular Cutting Edge Communication Comedy Series created by Psychologist Eve Ash and comedienne Erin Brown starring Emmy-award winning Kim Estes. This powerful training series follows several characters as they battle challenges, negotiate conflicts and learn from mistakes about professionalism, leadership, communication and safety. This Australian produced series was filmed on location in Los Angeles.