Use of femoral nerve blocks in adults with hip fractures

Use of femoral nerve blocks in adults with hip fractures

Learn about the prevalence of hip fractures, associated problems, and pain management through femoral nerve blocks

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Updated Dec 19, 2019

Healthcare professionals will be aware of the need to improve treatment of hip fractures, with the ultimate goal of returning the individual to pre-injury health. Patients with hip fractures awaiting surgery can experience severe pain that may be difficult to relieve with traditional analgesics. Physical assessment and essential nursing care require moving the patient, which further increases pain. Nerve blocks have been administered as a form of post-operative pain relief in a variety of surgical procedures, and there is growing interest in the use of femoral nerve blocks in the pre-operative period for patients with hip fractures. This learning module looks at the prevalence of hip fractures and associated problems. It highlights the importance of effective management of pain and explores the use of local anaesthetics for pain relief.