Unlocking Human Potential

Unlocking Human Potential

Josh Bersin Academy
Updated Nov 11, 2019

Course Overview

In this activity, your team will work to identify the parts of your work where you might want to better leverage technology and the parts where you want to remain (or become) more people focused. Then, you’ll determine where you think you could/should better integrate technology and begin to do the research for what’s available. Get together with at least five of your colleagues either in person, on a conference call, or via a digital collaboration tool like Teams or Slack and have a conversation using the prompts below as a guide.

Welcome to the Josh Bersin Academy

Welcome to the Josh Bersin Academy, the only global professional development academy built exclusively for HR. In the Academy you'll find the best HR learning and resources in the world combined with unparalleled opportunities to collaborate with your peers. Our mission is to prepare the HR community for the radical disruptions already happening in the workplace.

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