Unity Game Development in 4 hours

Unity Game Development in 4 hours

Updated Jan 13, 2020

Curious about game development but afraid to get into it because it seems too hard? Fear no more! With this course, you will learn how to develop games with one of the most popular engines in the industry. You will learn only relevant and practical information and appreciate how it applies to the real world.  

By the end of this course, you will have a full-scale 3D game, similar to indie favorites such as Dear Esther, Amnesia, and Gone Home. In only 4 hours, you will become an indie developer!  

Target Audience 

This course is suitable for deep learning developers and data scientists who want to gain in-depth, hands-on knowledge of TensorFlow 2. 0 and get into the world of Machine Learning by building as they learn. Some knowledge of Numpy, Pandas, and Python 3 is assumed for this course.   

Business Outcomes 

  • Learn one of the most popular tools in the industry and develop a 3D game in only 7 days, without any prior knowledge of game development.  

  • Learn game-development best practices with relevant and practical examples.  

  • Create an interesting 3D game using Unity 2019 for free, with only a few lines of code.