Understanding Conflicts of Interest

Understanding Conflicts of Interest

Global Ethics University
Updated Jun 11, 2019

Course Overview

Conflicts of interest come in all shapes and sizes. Financial interests family interests second jobs and personal interests jockey for position ahead of the company’s interests. Every employee will struggle with a conflict of interest ethical dilemma and this course will prepare you to effectively deal with the situation and end up on top. This course equips participants to deal with the variety of conflicts of interest dilemmas that employees face while on the job. It covers information relevant to all levels of employees and managers.

Target Audience

All Audiences

Learning Objectives

  • Understand types of conflicts of interest and be able to spot conflicts of interest dilemmas.
  • Know the ethical conflicts and general ethical guidelines that come from outside employment.
  • Understand the boundaries between your regular employment and your second job.
  • Know the bounds of appropriate and inappropriate selling in the work place.
  • Identify the potential conflicts of interest that can occur with family and friends.
  • Know employee responsibilities regarding outside employment investments and competition.
  • Understand the conflict of interest issues that result from investments and/or ownership in businesses.

Business Outcomes

Reduce compliance related issues build understanding of ethics & compliance content and issues and support an ethical culture in the workplace.