Ultimate Beginners Guide To Google's Go Language

Ultimate Beginners Guide To Google's Go Language

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Updated May 02, 2021

Programming is one of the fastest growing and lucrative profession in today's high-tech age. No wonder, a lot of people are jumping into this profession in droves. But the amazing thing is that industry's appetite to employ more and more engineers is only growing. The demand is way too high to fill this gap. Which is why companies are ready to pay higher and higher salaries and hourly rates for these skills.

This course does not assume any prior programming or coding experience. It has been designed from the ground up – to take you through a spectrum of concepts, terms, and paradigms to give you a solid understanding of what Go Language is all about.

Hands-On Knowledge

We are a group of coders and programmers ourselves. So we understand the importance of learning by doing. This course is jam-packed with practical demos, homework assignments and a lot of live coding which will help you immensely in grasping these complex topics.

Why Go Language?

Golang is a programming language by google was created back in 2009, but has gained popularity in last couple years.

As per statistics in october 2018, Golang leaped from 65th to 17th in most popular programming languages.

Go's increasing is a lightweight, open source language very well suited for microservices architectures. Containers such as Docker and Google's container orchestration Kubernetes are built using Go. Go is also gaining popularity in data science due its performance capabilities.

Are you ready to get started? In that case, we're guessing you'll want to know what your investment is going to be.

Well, here you will find real actionable information and education in exchange for your time, willingness to learn and a fraction of the cost you will be able to demand as a cloud engineer or consultants. We can guarantee that you will get your investment back many fold in no time.